Infinite sky

I want to live fully
and to search the light of  Sun
and in the enchantments of the night,
to approach me to my love
to kiss the stars
present in the infinite sky
of your mouth
to touch your heart
make your eyes
reflect every light
of my magic soul
because, I love you!


Sweet love

My sweet love
where are you?
lost in revolts waters
went for deep of the sea.

You are in wonderful landscapes
of the fields filled of the  flowers
with imposing trees
and a breeze softly
let the leaves to fall.

You are close to my heart,
come here to say, then
I love you



I want to see the sun
and the eyes of my love.
The light,
occupied my heart.
When the moon arrived,
I want to see stars
and gain the shines,
by each day,
together with you
love, the luck
are seconds,
the life
the eternity.



When closing my eyes,
feeling all the kindness
to find me in your arms
silent kiss your mouth.

But … What? About the dream?
manifest the true
one desire to see your face
and to be well next for you.

To look for in endless skies
and to discover your secrets
for losing in horizons
and to sing for you beyond  of the seas.

A nice song of love,
with essence of words perfumed,
with magic of full words,
dedicated to delight your heart.

The dreams they aren’t lost,
they show the faces of the moon,
the feelings until hidden,
then among the riddles stay thus every nude.

To discover the magic of your soul,
you discloses with love or passion,
between the dream or reality
one day, Will you arouse of the illusion?




To finding me before
all the riddles
and to always love you radiating,
showing me in caresses.

With the richest treasure
diamonds, pearls, jades
wealth, soft dusk
you madding lose.

Beautiful melodies and songs,
I have to love you every morning,
in the fields the touch of the winds,
have of exalt in kind eagerness.

To go through the rich landscapes,
discovering all the mysteries
to the flavor of sublime feelings.
I lose myself in delicious trips.



Sometimes until that seems easy,
among words and translations,
I stay smile so clever
in decipher all your impressions.

My Love, a beautiful meeting
just happens that way
unexpectedly, shows the confrontation
inexplicable that presents the soul.

Kiss me and feel the caress,
the more soft touch that feeling
heart that pulse incessant desire
the contemplate life that reverence.

Love? Yes, and manifests itself in deep
your be more introspective, pure
and give me passage to the most beautiful
landscapes when whispers poems.

Poetries, I made for you, love?
therefore, if you are inevitably sublime,
I’ll have of sensibly show me
letters surprised by you, with praise.


Your Eyes

Do you call me, my love?
this magic moment
who made stop time
feel the time in seconds.

Do you understand the art?
supreme on the day of the meeting
and the sun is the most beautiful
and the moon with every fascination.

The true art of love
it’s doing stop time
to find your eyes
and capture all the senses

Look the colors more dazzling
in a party of energies
pure magic, rich fountain,
My Love? Do you disclose your secrets?



What is the color of soul?
Tell me full love of philosophy.
The mystery of deep ocean,
wise, beautiful, noble spectrum.

When the sun arrives, good morning!
in the afternoon, envelop me of light,
to hide,  dusk the end,
my full life and  translate me.

In the crystals of my secret garden,
the colors bring me true harmony.
In my ocean, fragrance of jasmine,
Kiss me sweet love enriches my soul.



True Love

I can’t feel the true love
if I can’t look at your eyes
if I don’t feel your mouth
if I don’t listen your heart

I can’t reach the highest mountain
without before going to the most distant ways
and feel the winds that touch my face
with soft touch to say I love you! I love you!

The love is just so
soft as impossible
abstract if exactly touch
palpable when it reaches full
the significative universe of your soul


Have I lost?

A little of sky,
a few of the stars,
a few of the waters,
that cross this river,
but, never the universe.

I’ll be that… Have I  lost?
A few of the ways,
a few of the senses,
a few of the dreams,
but, never love.

Sublime Love and deep,
that fulfilling my soul.
Treasury rich, sweet river,
gift of the smile, bright skin,
in the south of landscape, beautiful face.



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