Poèmes – English


Deep roots
existing worldwide
seeds germinate
Earth’s center
lost treasure
pearl nacre
sea shells
grains of sand
moonlight perfumes
thrown in the wind
angel face
songs played
stories told
closed eyes
to discover
desire to dream


A full search of words
simple sintony reached
more than the search of food
saciety the hunger of bread
replete of thoughts

What a love to overlap
secrets desires
in the desert’s grains of sand
your universe are present

The tears roll down in your face
the thirst that persists
they accentuate the fragrance of the flowers
the smiles of your mouth
disclose the magic of colors

Great power of words
reason of the thoughts
it joins the shining memories
silent mountains
they wish happiness and peace


Colorful cloak
of flowers so beautiful
this divine air
of splendor
it reveals a face

The truth
a state of the soul
spirit of light
eyes in the firmament
lights that shine

Gardens of the soul
everyday flowers
make wonderful bouquets
perfume your body
gifts of the heart


In clouds we can see
beautiful drawings in the sky
little drops playing
brought by the winds

Meaning of life
impressions are left
leaving marked down
all a trajectory

Close your eyes
that images are brought
that storries are lived
what one can disclose

A communion of facts
that make of your presence
something with remarkable power
and they determine your history


Intoned Mantras
winds in the immensity
deserts of heart
bless the heart
sound the bells
sacreds messages
sung words
for ways
course of the rivers
sound of the waters
marvelous diversity
tothe mysteries of the world


The perfect tune
reached in the reaction
of universes
bringing harmony

Disclosed songs
touch the heart
an angel’s melody
with divine timbre

In the absolute silence
the musical notes
embrace the thought
illustrious musicians

Immortal chant
simple confinement
perpetuates the work
a single rhythm

For each light
that shines in front
of the eyes of a child
smiles in their red

For each branch of the tree
of strong roots
this present family
around this abundant table
of yours

A tree
The gifts of Christmas
they bless each home
with much love
in the eyes of the creator

Father Christmas!
he doesn’t forget of the children
who cry
with the eyes directed
to the sky
To the heat of the Sun
To the cold of the snow

The richer gifts
are to each day
for a perfect
union also
to each end of the year

The Earth

One day the sky will be
much more illuminated
the clouds more white
the flowers more colored
with delicious perfume
in the air

Why this love?
for this land
that seems so colorless
sometimes, so cold
without words
More in each word
of sublime literature
the tears that wet
delicately my face
they stop and smile
they appear in my lips

Because when it loves itself
If it loves truly
It’s something without explication
comes from the magical soul
in wanting to embrace a land
that isn’t yours, but when it’s closing
the eyes for all of the days
or to kiss a fatherland
that doesn’t belong to me

Majestic art
woman face
discloses its poetry
message of light
shows its pain
with charm it seduces

Loves the day
and also the night
the sun, the moon
the stars
expressions of nature
that cause to breathe
smiles by day
by night, secrets

My heart
asks to the skies
blessing for
all the brethren
of the Earth
for it finds strength
in the elements of nature
beyond the sea
and the riches treasures
gifts of God
are always with you
for the entire life


In your geography
the most beautiful places
where one can speak
this rich language of yours

At Eiffel Tower’s feet
I love you Paris!
with your very romantic air
and your love songs
grey, black and white cats
always playing?
they dance in the roof of the houses
every night
What taste? of pies and cakes
around this illustrious city
coffee terraces
Salut! I have been drinking to the moment
the best wine, where?
My heart has being loosing itself
fully in France

With the beautiful arts
in Switzerland, in the gardens
marking the hour
of having full taste in flowers
the wonderful history of art
applied in your galleries
the mountains? What splendor!

In the great desert
the chants of Africa
the drums they sound
the women they dance
with their colorful clothes
this art that was brought
from mother to son
beautiful necklaces are made
jewels that are on your breast
pretty and strong
African woman
dance for the Sun and the moon
magic of joy and lament
with their nude feet
they contemplate the time

In a perfect celebration
they prepare a delicious tea
always with reverence
with wonderful temples
when entering in full silence
take off your shoes
Japan and your culture
delicate movements
they grateful the sun, the life
the acquired prosperity
in fighting with wisdom
samurais masters they follow
the ways of the rivers
fast with the power of building

With open arms
Christ the Redeemer
Rio De Janeiro discloses
love all in poetry
in verses with beautiful poets
and your cultural manifestations
cradle of samba
at the sea coast
musical pieces by Milton Nascimento and Jobim
and thus so beautiful
São Paulo and its sculptures
Monument to the Bandeiras
of granite, in the Ibirapuera
and its representation of art
Paulista avenue
workers, investors
modern art
beautiful town
that makes of my country
green, yellow
Brazil for you
above all
my greatest expression
of love for
your wonderful geography
the world
to be discovered!



The afternoon was hot
the sun left one’s face blushed
the breeze touches the skin
leaving you without thoughts

A mind that is just free
following its way
Heavy clouds appearing by chance,
since the rain would arrive soon

As a whirl of thoughts,
a storm gathered strength.
Causing the wind to come,
to come devoid of cowardice.

Little by little
the intensity increases.
the wind, rain, the land
they announce the storm

The waters that flow free
in their paths without stop
when seeing all that fury
smiling, started to play

Happy, cause in the same day
while feeling the heat of the sun
the wind touching the delicate skin,
the rain wetting the hair
and the drops making me shiver
each part of the body
to smell of the wet earth
and the storm?

For who has life
the clouds only dance
in the confrontation of energies
the storm fades away
and the hidden birds
they start to sing


The Island

Far away upon the island,
the birds sing
exuberant vegetation
in the nests on the trees
leaves swing
neither one, nor the other
fall on the ground

Open sea
that hugs strongly
the rocks with salty water
that thins out with the passing
of time, models
natural sculpture
that drains deeply
in this ocean of
cold waters

The sun is at midday
in the horizon it shines
a light appears
invades intensely
and the seagulls fly again
the waves greet
at arriving at front
of the solid ground



Moments are precious
exciting on the soul
where there’s full happiness
in the dance that encloses
all the body with magic
a soft melody
traveling to beautiful places

A valuable book
incessant writing
searching for letters
touched gently
in various expressions

Then love the light of day
this infinite freedom
emotions invading
gently the being
if the night also is equally wonderful
don’t forget his impressions

The first star in the sky
that I have seen on that day
Where is the poet’s dream?
To achieve all writing
with notable divine light

Reality of life
The perpetual gratefulness
By kissing your mouth I reveal myself
I kiss in your eyes my secret love

And I speak all the languages
and I breathe the purest air
because to be a poet is to live
intensely and without borders
to live in this world
demonstrating the most secret

Unconditional love
This meeting of beautiful arts
the romantic, that which is real
transmitted in the confrontation
of masters



The fight in the battle
for his ideals
the full justification
by winning having a goal
for various conquests

The warrior follows the nature
strong in his confrontations
always aware he cries out
for God that will make justice

Observing from the mountains
all the world
how much from the emptiness
in the big cities
how much of the suffering
is inhuman

One part of this world
when one cries the other one smiles
and in this disparity
ones learns the act of living
that betwixt smiles and tears
it fortifies the soul
where in front of the eyes
of who cannot see yet
and cannot understand the wisdom of life
the time ends itself
by fainting at the last breath

Before accumulating more riches
its most valuable treasure
lies in observing in the silence
and respecting human values
learning to look to the Sun
and to have the eyes directed to
gratefulness to the earth.


To be Woman

To be a woman is to complete
the essence of the nature
to disclose in prayer
the sovereignty of life
in this divine face of yours
with expressions of beauty
that in the night or the day
they leave all the magic
of her splendor

And all the gardens
emanate the sweetest perfume
and all the seeds
germinate with the
rarest roots
because to be a woman
is to vivify the sacred
gift of every day
for all the paths
in flower

Delicate movements
hands touching the air
this soft touch
in your heart

The energies dance
sensual woman
encloses all of your body
with supernatural power

The music penetrates
when it occupies the mind
notes that touch in the deep
that transform your universe

The touch of life
in the sacred womb
movements of rhythms
in effect of full light
If you love

If you love
Love the truth
of everyday
of your precious life
in various emotions

Days that are so clear
of soft expression
with a little touch of the magical
brushes coloring

Beautiful colors of the peinting
rich in impressions
thus inside nuances
only delight us

The sun illuminates you
and the phases of the moon
sometimes show
exuberant beauty

Thousand kisses the sea
waves that arrive
bringing their essence
revealing this ocean

Love your life
discovering your love
disclosing the skies
drawings about stars

The encounter of life
when there’s communion
between the sun and the moon
divine grace in the heavens

In every corner
this land of riches
also with clashes
existing in cities

In the interest for the land
the conflict manifests
inherent reflection
that rouses manifestation

Diversity of colors
that toll any flag
in the borders of the boundaries
irrelevant barriers

Because your iris reveals
pronounces the truth
translate your homeland
at the palm of your hand

Route of the paths
of the crystal clear waters
expurgates all indifference
heart beating for all humanity


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  1. I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read…

  2. to be so much substantial: Poetry refers to you a world of contemplation and logic enter the world of art is to sharpen your critical mind and just leave it in full reflection. 🙂

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read…

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